Cyber Security
Bespoke cyber security strategy and services

We protect brands and reputation by providing the best cyber security solutions available. A combination of offensive and defensive experience as well as a deep understanding of tools and tactics gives us the unmatched ability to solve the toughest cyber security problems.

There is no simple solution to protecting your IT estate from cyber attacks. Our approach is to build a lasting strategy using proper governance, supply chain, and tools that can adapt to changing threats. Establishing a strong foundation of systems and practices provides the best defensive foothold.

Our team of cyber security analysts have extensive experience in defensive and offensive operations. This combined skillset allows us to look at network penetration from multiple angles.

Our penetration testing focuses on an adversarial mindset to exploit network weaknesses to find ways to disrupt business operations or obtain sensitive information. Armed with the results of penetration testing, we are able to prioritize vulnerabilities and recommend the best path forward to hardening the network.

We also provide physical penetration testing.

Implementing changes to a an established network can be a strain on personnel and resources. Our team works with our clients to define and execute implementation plans. Our plans focus on strategic alignment, transition, and knowledge/change management with an emphasis on reducing impacts on operations.