Strategic security
A purpose-built approach to security and risk management

With our strategic, measured approach, we develop tailored security plans that strike a balance between protection and business objectives. Our master security plans incorporate best practices and stakeholder input for maximum efficiency.

Our strategic planning process focuses on an integration of security into business operations. The reason is simple: security programs that conflict with core business are never embraced and result in sub-optimal results.

During our planning process, we start by defining requirements. This focuses the process and prevents task creep into areas that are not relevant. With an understanding of requirements, we seek to understand the way the business operates. With a combination of requirements and context, we begin a methodological approach to data collection, synthesis, and the planning process. Typically, our resulting deliverable is a five-year master plan.

Our Master plans focus on immediate, mid, and long term objectives. Often we start with building or complementing a foundation for additional measures to be built upon. We look closely at the organization and develop specific strategies that provide the best value and support each other.

Our security assessments are short duration, tailored studies targeted to specific requirements. Typically, we produce assessments to determine the current conditions to support decisions makers or to lead to a particular outcome.

Our assessments examine threats, risks, and vulnerabilities with a resulting set of recommendations for improvement.

The areas we support are physical security, executive protection, security technology, guard force programs, and corporate / enterprise security programs.

We work with executives to develop coherent, practical security programs. Our emphasis is on building a program that is both flexible to meet the threat and environment as as well as acceptable to the executive’s lifestyle.

Our established solutions include secure communications, crisis and reputation management, and specialized executive security assessments (IRS Section 132). 

Our compliance specialists provide consulting, program development, and audit of government security compliance requirements. We have extensive experience with ITAR, ICDs, ATF, NIST, and Commerce department compliance programs.