Technology acquisition
We ensure the right technology is acquired at the right time.

We guide customer acquisition of security technology. As impartial consultants, we do not represent or sell a technology product. As an honest broker, we utilize a requirements based approach to deliver impartial acquisition strategies.

Security technology can represent a significant investment for the enterprise. We assist our customers in acquiring technology with the goal of obtaining the right technology at the best possible value. As trusted agents, we are agnostic to manufactures and do not sell or represent any product lines. This differentiates us from an integrator as we focus on the client and it’s requirements, not the sale of products.

We typically act as the owner’s security representative. In this trusted position, we represent the owner in discussions with manufactures, integrators, internal stakeholders, and other consultants to ensure our goals are met.

Our deliverables vary from developing strategy, engineered design, RFPs for bid, source selection, and continuing oversight of integrators.

Our team has decades of experience designing and engineering integrated security systems. Our engineers create design specifications and full drawing packages (AutoCAD). Our expertise includes video surveillance, access controls, biometrics, intrusion detection, intercoms, and other associated systems.